Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Putting a toe in the water...

So, we went to Wal-Mart tonight and I picked up a couple blasters. The first was one of those Tri-Star card chases with 16 packs for $20 with a chance at a '52 high series pack. The other was a 2010 Topps Chrome blaster. I recorded a video each, but after the Tri-Star box (which was complete 1988-89 JUNK WAX and one pack of 2009 Obak) I decided I wouldn't bore you with that box. Thus, here's the Topps Chrome blaster... all cards for trade... don't think I'll be collecting Chrome, not a huge fan of rainbow shaped cards that are warped as hell before you even open the pack. Seriously Topps, after all these years you can't figure out a way to make these without warping the hell out of them??!?!?! What's the point if you can't even produce flat, crisp cards? Just doesn't make sense to me... just sayin'...


  1. Interesting. I haven't had any extra funds, so I got to open a blaster vicariously through you. (and for record, I guess I'm glad it was your money spent on that blaster and not mine...not much I'd want from it)!

  2. Does the checklist say how big the chrome set is?

  3. Yea, the base set is 220, with 50 Rookie autos inserts, 50 Heritage Chrome inserts, 50 Chicle Chrome inserts and 50 T-206 Chrome inserts... then of course you have the billion different refractor levels of the base and inserts... I was under the impression that it was a parallel to the regular Topps set, but it's not, very cut down version and cards 171-220 are all RC's, some of which I don't believe were in the 2010 Topps base.