Thursday, October 14, 2010


Wow, so about a week ago, I was contacted by a guy known as "Dan in Maine"... I'm not sure if he has a blog, but I tell you now, if you get an e-mail from him you are very lucky! He said he had about 2,000 Astros cards and said he'd send them on with a promise of Red Sox cards getting sent back to him in the future... well, lets just say I have a lot of cards to be sending to him... all my Red Sox cards from here forward will be marked for Dan! The first picture is just an overall view of all the boxes sent my way:
The CD case looking thing on the bottom left, is well, a CD case, but modified to hold some holographic baseball cards (not endorsed by MLB but awesome nonetheless) celebrating the 1991 Rookie of the Year Jeff Bagwell. There's 4 cards in all and the set is serial numbered 205,026 of 250,000. Scans of those are in the next picture along with a couple of other cards. The biggest of which is my (I know this is kind of sad) FIRST EVER RATED CARD!!!! And it's a Jeff Bagwell 1991 Fleer Ultra Update ROOKIE CARD!!!!! Rated 8.5!!! Very awesome... again it's in the next picture... There is also a bookmark card of Bagwell. Finally, there is a Craig Biggio 1995 Studio card, with embossed print that kind of makes it look like a credit card. See below...
Ok, back to the Biggio card, I was about to just keep going through the many cards, but for some reason it caught me as an odd card, so I flipped it over to find this:
OMG, it IS like a credit card, complete with a signature on the back! First time I've ever seen a signature on the BACK of a card... and it's Craig Biggio!!!! I'll be in Cooperstown in a few years when Craig gets his plaque, and I sure hope I have a chance to shake his hand again and maybe get a few more autographs for my personal collection. In college, I worked on the Astros' Grounds Crew for two seasons and had a chance to sit with many of the Astros, including Craig during batting practice. Great guys and great to get some great cards from a reader! Dan in Maine... you are awesome... I certainly hope some of my fellow readers get a chance to trade with you!

Alright, this post took precedence over some of my recent trades, but I SWEAR the other posts will be done this weekend!


  1. That's a nice big trade package!

    Is that Biggio auto real? I remember buying some of those and I think they all have those facsimile autos on the back. Just wondering.

  2. Yea, upon further review, I think you are correct... it is a facsimile... still think it's a pretty cool card! But yea, maybe I'll have to get it signed if I get a chance...

  3. I got one of those Bagwell 4 card sets in the jewel case too. I got mine back when they were released. At the time I was working for a video game/vending machine company and when I serviced a crane prize machine for one of our customers he gave me one as a tip. Just last year I finally opened it and the cards are really cool.