Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Trade Post!

Alright, this was LONG overdue because I got this package in last week... but here we go. I got a trade working with Dennis over at Too Many Grandersons and when the package got here, I was amazed to find a 300-count hard box of Astros cards. There were a BUNCH of cards I don't have and that I've very excited about. Here in the scan, the two big highlights for me are the relic cards. First of all, this is my first Game Used BALL card and it's Bagwell/Berkman?!?!?!! Does it get any better??? OK, maybe Nolan Ryan and Joe Niekro, but serious, Bagwell/Berkman is pretty sweet... then he tops that with the Bagwell/Biggio card!!!! I tell you now, by the time they get in the HOF, I'm getting this card autographed and it'll be the prize of my collection. The other cards in the scan, I just thought were cool. The Ensberg is a refractor and the Hidalgo is a metal card, like it's a solid piece of metal, hadn't seen those before. Very cool... thanks Dennis... hope for many trades down the road!!!

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