Friday, September 10, 2010

New Goal... NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!

Alright, after opening a bunch of 2009 Upper Deck product over the past few months, I've been intrigued by the 20th Anniversary set that they produced across their product line. Seeing that it would take me FOREVER to collect all 2500 cards in this insert set... I wanted to challenge the blog world... Can you all help me make my set by mailing in cards???? Here's the deal, if you send me the cards that you have and tell me your favorite team, I will put a trade package back to you with 1 or 2 cards for every 1 you send me (within reason), and it won't be cherry picked crap either... I have no affinity but for the Astros and even if you want Astros in return I'll let loose of some of my Astros in an attempt to make this come to fruition. I will also throw in some game used, autos and such in my return package to you. Email me at and I'll give you my address. I'll start a count on the side of the page for this set and hopefully I can get pretty close to completion with the help of awesome bloggers out there on the web! Thanks in advance for your help!


  1. just sent you an email...(8) 20th anniversary cards...

  2. do you need any of these cards?