Thursday, August 26, 2010

Video Post - 2 Blasters

This is the point where I once again admit that my name is Sam and yes, I'm an addict to opening wax packs... sorry, but buying a card off ebay doesn't do anything for me, I want to open it out of the pack myself, to own it by being the one who released it from it's temporary asylum... so I keep buying blasters. I would complain more about the GU-jersey card I got, but after pulling the Lincecum cabinet loader relic auto from 2010 A&G this year, I guess I have a long time before I can really complain about a pull... here's the video... I apologize about the glare, if you want to see any cards specifically let me know and I'll scan them in. I also apologize about the HORRIBLE audio... gotta see if I can get that fixed... this was just a horrible video overall... but I can't re-do it, so watch at your own risk...

Oh and the card I ended up with from the MCG code was a 1963 Gene Mauch card, to believe he was still managing as last as 88 is pretty remarkable... not too shabby on my MCG luck, I've got 29 cards and only 2 of them are newer than 1986. Again, I can't complain...

If you see anything you want, let me know, pretty much everything is trade bait and negotiable...

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  1. I bought a couple of those boxes back in the day for the hits and I, like you got a Mark Prior (cubs swatch) Padres card. I think that's pretty lazy of the folks at upperdeck to blatantly put a Cubs pinstripe on a Padres card. They really couldn't get a grey swatch?

    I also got a BJ Upton and a Joe Mauer, so I can't complain too much from a couple cheap $9.97 boxes.