Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trade Swag!!!

A BIG shout out to Mike from BA Benny's We agreed to a trade last week and I got the cards from him today... boy am I'm impressed with the over-abundance of awesome Astros cards... Mike, I'm in your debt, truly very generous... Here are the highlights - I absolutely LOVE the Morgan Ensberg auto Diamond Kings, he used to sit two rows behind me at church here in Houston and was always a stand-up guy in my books. I never even thought to ask for an auto from him due to being in church and all, but a great guy (it was him, Jason Lane and Adam Everett, their families would always sit together, very cool). Too bad his career fizzled out the way it did, he deserved better! The White Sox/Astros flashback card of Carlos is pretty cool too, just wish he wasn't a gigantic turd out in left field these days... but the best card is the Biggio game-used. Mike, maybe I'll have a chance to meet you in a few years when Biggio gets inducted into Cooperstown!

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