Thursday, August 12, 2010

Specific Collections... 1978 Topps

Alright, so I've been asked by several traders, "What do you collect other than Astros and Nolan Ryan?" and to that question I haven't really had a specific answer. Nothing really connected with me, until I had a chance to wonder around eBay for a bit. Seeing some vintage cards, I started remembering a bit from my childhood, and the day I got a BUNCH of 1978 Topps gifted to me from one of my half-sister's boyfriend.

I was maybe 7 or 8, and once she started dating this guy he realized that I was a bit obsessive about my card collection. Having not collected since he was a kid, he decided to just give me his collection, about a shoebox full of 1978 Topps!!! I didn't know at the time what luck I had stumbled into... but he was from Alvin and grew up down the road from a ranch owned by a certain new current co-owner of the Texas Rangers and I was gifted both the Record Breaker and base set Nolan Ryan cards, except they were AUTOGRAPHED! They were the prize of my collection instantly and the Record Breaker still is, because the base set was stolen from me a few years later by my "best friend" Juan Walker (yes, you are still on my SH*T list, send back the card, we'll call it even). We haven't spoken since. It still pains me that I let him get away with it... I didn't realize he stole it until several days later, and uncovered it at his house. His mom swiftly kicked me out and like I say, we haven't spoken since. He may have moved back to Puerto Rico... who knows...

ANYWAYS... sorry for the slightly unnecessary tangent... I have decided that my new collecting goal is going to be to obtain the complete set of 1978 Topps Baseball. I know this will be tough due to the awesome rookies of Molitor and Murray, but I think it's definitely do-able. So, from here forward, if you want to trade and have any 1978 Topps then that will definitely help make a deal happen! At some point soon, I'll go through which cards I do have and put together a want/need list. If any of you have bulk base commons you wouldn't mind trading/selling, let me know. Finally, here's a great card of the Hawk which I can't wait to get into my collection as well!

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