Friday, August 13, 2010

Random Pack Friday

So, I went to Academy to look around and waste some time and bought a couple of random packs they had sitting around: 2007 UD Masterpieces and 2007 Fleer Ultra and a pack of Upper Deck from 2006. I've scanned in the entire pack of the UD Masterpieces... I got a nice jersey relic of Michael Young, but as you may be able to see the bottom left corner of most of these are dinged, the relic card worse than the others... but nonetheless if you want any of the, they are for trade!

As for the Upper Deck, I got one card that really amused me... mainly because of how crappy it is and the obvious flaw of the card... see below... the card is for a Cubs jersey swatch of Corey Patterson, but obviously the set was put together after he was traded to the Orioles, so it lists him as an Oriole on the front of the card, but all the pictures and text on the back indicated Cubs... interesting and different... and available to any of you die-hard (you'd have to be) Corey Patterson fans out there!

Finally, I went out to the storage room this morning and found a couple of cards that I was looking for, I'll have to get them posted later, but it's an Al Hrabosky Auto Topps reprint of some kind, and out of the same set (I think) is a Ken Holtzman Auto as well.


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