Sunday, August 15, 2010

First Ever Video Post!

Alright, so the wonderful wife decided to oblige my whim... I grabbed a $10 "value pack" of cards from Target to test out the video camera and do my first video break. The results were not very good, it probably wasn't worth my $10. Any cards you want from here, let me know. There is only one I'm going to keep, and that's a Bowman Chrome rookie card of Wesley Wright:

She also decided to buy me a Topps Series 1 Blaster despite my protests to the contrary. Got a couple more Million Card Giveaway cards, one of which netted me a 1970 Don Wilson card, another Astro! I'm getting pretty close to being able to put up a Series 1 want list as well. If anyone has doubles they feel like getting rid of until then, feel free to email me! The patch card from the blaster is an Ozzie Smith World Series 1982 patch. Pretty nice looking card. If anyone wants it, let me know b/c it's available for trade!

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