Wednesday, August 18, 2010

3 Random Packs from Target

Stopped by Target to get some food for dinner and I couldn't resist the random packs of cards... so I grabbed three and am forcing you, my loyal readers, to sit through the video of me opening them! Get excited for three packs-o-crap... let me know if you want any of them...

After doing the video I went back through the cards and found that in the 2005 Upper Deck All-Stars, while there were (2) Ryan Howard cards, one of them was actually a parallel numbered 415/499 with gold foil instead of the silver on the base set. So, if you are a Philly fan who wants the base and parallel, I've got 'em both! 


  1. Nice score on the Howard. As usual I can use the Mets and Yankees.

  2. Mike, I'll start a stack of Yanks and Mets for you, once I get a decent amount that's worth shipping, I'll send them out to you.