Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Annual "I HATE KAZ MATSUI" Post

Good day all... so far the Dimwit has been frustrated mightily with the Astros. Mainly because we're 4-9... but also because of the various levels of suck-ti-tude that has spewed forth from their lineup. KAZ MATSUI = YOU SUCK in Japanese. Carlos Lee batting .115 and Lance Berkman finally made his debut last night. The Dimwit suspects his return is short-lived, he will be on the disabled list again. But, does The Dimwit blame the players for this situation? Oh no no no, that wouldn't be fair, it's not their fault that the absolute retard sitting in the GM's office decided Kaz Matsui was worth $15 million (bidding against NO ONE ELSE when he gave that contract out) nor is it their fault that there was never a "weight control" clause put in Carlos Lee's contract. Uncle Drayton needs to sell this team to Mark Cuban already, so that we have an owner who actually wants to win instead of this doofus we have who runs around like a geriatric loose in the old folks home yelling "WE'RE CHAMPIONS!!!!!" Drayton, you come off as a complete idiot/fool when you go around saying that all the time. Sell, go retire to Temple and leave us alone. In all of this though, we return to Kaz Matsui. In the Dimwit's opinion the Astros would be better off with a drunk monkey playing second base. This is the worst thing Japan has given America since Anime. It's now the Dimwit's personal goal to get Kaz Matsui released... Just saying, if an ACL popped in Kaz's knee it wouldn't be in even the top 1000 worst things to happen to the Astros. This is going to be a long season... someone pass the whiskey...