Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Craziness in the Dimwit House

Alright everyone, it's going to be a stressful 6 weeks ahead. The Hotwit and Dimwit have many things to get done: have an A/C guy come check-up the A/C-Heating system, get an electrician to fix a couple outlets, get a painter to re-paint the outside of the house, re-paint the master bath, landscape the front walkway, put 2" blinds up in the kitchen, and re-seal the cover on the back deck. All this to get the house ready to be put on the market by mid-March so that potential buyers can take advantage of the first-time buyer's tax credit. Oh yea, we're getting married in June and we have to find jobs in Utah during this whole process. Taking on too much at once??? NO WAY! We're the Dimwit and Hotwit, we can do it all, no sweat. So, when you hear the scream coming from the general Houston area, that'll either be the Hotwit in murderous rage, or the Dimwit running for his life... or both... Hopefully in six months we'll be in Utah... married... and with some moo-lah left over to afford a nice 3/2/2 house out in the desert... It's going to be an interesting six months to say the least!!!!!


  1. Well, Utah is the first choice. There is an animal sanctuary there called Best Friends taht we want to work at. All of this is contingent on the Dimwit and Hotwit getting jobs out there. We'll see... If not Utah, then Florida, South Carolina, Phoenix or wherever jobs are at... basically, we're ready to move and start a new chapter in our lives... neither of us is entirely happy with our jobs, and we figure while we're young, let's take a leap. If it doesn't work out, who knows what'll happen... but we'd rather do it now, than regret not doing something 30 years from now...