Friday, February 26, 2010

Wading out of the gene pool and onto dry land...

Well, it is done... The Dimwit has ensured there will be no half-wits... appropriate surgical measures were taken yesterday to make sure that there will be no happy little accidents in the Dimwit-Hotwit household... and oh what a relief it is. Wasn't as bad as the Dimwit had feared and now it's just recuperation time.

As for the house, we've only got the painting to be completed at this point. Then we'll get it de-junked by getting a storage room, get a maid service to come clean it floor to ceiling and then we'll be good to go. Hopefully this house doesn't stay on the market for more than a month and a half (so first time home buyers can take advantage of the $8,000 tax credit!). Mid-March the Hotwit and Dimwit will be in Utah for 4 days to volunteer at our (hopefully) future employers.

All is well here... couldn't be happier!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday Rant...

For any of those who the Dimwit may offend by this, he apologizes in advance. However, there is a growing frustration within the Dimwit that must be released. In the grand scheme of life, we humans have come up with the term "religion". And inconsidering all the world's religions, when it really comes down to it, a religion is basically an opinion shared amongst a group of like minded people. Up to this point, the Dimwit has no problem with religion. It's when those like minded people (of whichever creed) decide that it is their duty to inform everyone else they are wrong, bad, horrible people for not conforming to said like-minded group.

The Dimwit was recently, and will encounter it again Thursday, verbally attacked by several such people on a public sidewalk and was left very offended. Let the Dimwit say now that he wont be sharing his own opinions here, this is not the forum for such a discussion. He'll also not divulge the group he was accosted by, but he does find it interesting the arguements that were thrown at him at such a rapid fire. The Dimwit does not look forward to facing this same group of people again, but some things just have to be done, and the Dimwit will not be intimidated by the close-minded like-minded people out there. Each religion believes it has the right path, each religion believes the other religions are going to suffer for not being of the same opinion. The Dimwit has seen enough behavior that is incongruent with the words flowing out of the mouths of these groups' believers. So why isn't a simple "Sorry, not interested" a sufficient response? Each person has their choice to make... each person will answer for his choice (depending on their opinion of the afterlife)... why can't people just accept that there are those who are not of the same opinion? The Dimwit has no desire to convince anyone to have the same opinion he has, and is really tired of hearing others try to convince him of theirs.

Alright, done ranting... we'll see how things go on Thursday...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Craziness in the Dimwit House

Alright everyone, it's going to be a stressful 6 weeks ahead. The Hotwit and Dimwit have many things to get done: have an A/C guy come check-up the A/C-Heating system, get an electrician to fix a couple outlets, get a painter to re-paint the outside of the house, re-paint the master bath, landscape the front walkway, put 2" blinds up in the kitchen, and re-seal the cover on the back deck. All this to get the house ready to be put on the market by mid-March so that potential buyers can take advantage of the first-time buyer's tax credit. Oh yea, we're getting married in June and we have to find jobs in Utah during this whole process. Taking on too much at once??? NO WAY! We're the Dimwit and Hotwit, we can do it all, no sweat. So, when you hear the scream coming from the general Houston area, that'll either be the Hotwit in murderous rage, or the Dimwit running for his life... or both... Hopefully in six months we'll be in Utah... married... and with some moo-lah left over to afford a nice 3/2/2 house out in the desert... It's going to be an interesting six months to say the least!!!!!