Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Childfree and Happy

The Dimwit is going off on a tangent today. Seems that lately there's been people who seem to think that the Dimwit and Hotwit are horrible, bad, insane, liberal, etc, people because we have decided not to have children. Here's the deal: we don't want kids. Plain and simple. Our lives are too complicated at this point, so much so that we can't even get a dog, let alone have a family, even if we desired to do so. But the stark truth of it all is that we would very much rather have a dog than a mini-wit. On a recent Houston Chronicle blog, the Dimwit was accused of being gay, liberal and insane because of our choice. Look Breeders, we have no interest in joining your cult, we have no desire to exchange the next 20+ years of our life looking after another person, we'd rather spend our money on vacations, nice cars, a nice house, more vacations... you get my point. We're totally happy accepting that we are selfish and don't think it would be fair to a child to come into this world in our lives. We aren't bad people, we're honest with ourselves. Unlike the many thousands of couples out there who don't realize the same fact, have kids merely to satisfy societal expectations, to make themselves feel better, or to try and save their marriage. The Dimwit acknowledges there are other reasons to have a family, but there are SO many people who breed simply to breed, and that's just wrong. So, from here forward, if you tell the Dimwit that you're "sure you'll change your mind", the Dimwit will ask you "Really, do you want kids? Yes? You do? Well, I'm sure you'll change your mind. I don't want you to be happy either."

Those of us who don't want kids have every right in the world not to want to have them, just as much as those who want them have a right to have them.

Alright, the Dimwit rant of the month is over.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's been a while...

The Dimwit just couldn't let this article go un-read by his many loyal followers...