Thursday, October 29, 2009

Stickin' It To The Man

So the Dimwit stuck it to the Man today. He had a court date vs. Officer Russell with HPD... and won. If the Dimwit is truely a Dimwit, then the Dimwit isn't quite sure what word to use for this officer of the law. He had set up a little trap at an intersection near work, and as you can see it is an intersection with a stop sign. Well, this cop wrote the ticket for running a red light. The Dimwit found the loophole and let's just say the cop didn't want to pursue a jury trial to try and show that the Dimwit ran a red light at said intersection. TAKE THAT HPD!!!! 

In other news, the Hotwit and Dimwit are watching Halloween tonight... first time the Dimwit has ever seen it... yea yea yea, it's a classic that should have been seen years ago, but the blame goes squarely on the parental unit for that... a bit restrictive on the horror flicks as a child... that's the story and the Dimwit's stickin' to it.... 

Peace out homies...

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