Monday, October 26, 2009


Alright, so the Dimwit wants to discuss some NFL today. Mainly, the Houston Texans. Here is what the Dimwit does not understand: why can't the Texans go for the jugular? Up 21-0 after the first half, the Texans slammed on the brakes, played conservative the rest of the way, and ended up with a 24-21 win. Now, that strategy may work for the San Fran 49ers of the world, but when the Texans play the elite teams in the league, they are going to get clobbered. STOP PLAYING CONSERVATIVE SCAREDY-CAT FOOTBALL! I'd rather win going-away 49-0 than squeak out a 24-21 victory over a far less talented team. Once we get a lead, Kubiak thinks it's best to just sit on it and try to run out the clock with our non-existant running game... leading to frustrating 3-and-outs, as well as annoying turnovers by Steve Slaton. Anyone else notice the Pats beat up on Tennessee and Tampa by something liky 96-7 over two weeks? That's because when their offense is hot, Bilicheck never even taps the brakes. He makes sure the other team knows that the game is over, pounds them into submission and lets his second string guys get some experience in the 4th quarter.

Alright, the Dimwit is done ranting and raving... deep breathes... it will be ok... why is he so upset after a WIN, one might ask... it's because it could have easily been a 28-24 loss...

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