Friday, May 1, 2009


We made it to Friday!!!!! YAY!!!!

Things the Dimwit is tired of hearing about:

1) Swine Flu - media... seriously, stop making this out to be the end of the world...
2) Perez Hilton - shut up, no one really wants your opinion...
3) Miss America - shut up, no one really wants your opinion either...
4) Flooding in Houston - water will recede... it happens, it's called nature...
5) The Economy - capitalism at it's best involves volitility in the market place, especially with some of the morons these companies put in charge
6) Sacrifices CEO's are having to make - Mr. Big Bank CEO, come see my 401(k) and explain to me how you can't live in a world without your $15 million bonus check.
7) Government bailouts - either stop giving them out like candy or put some teeth in your legislation.
8) Political banter with no relevance - No more split-screen political discussions where two people attempt to yell louder than the other person. Nothing is accomplished, besides giving the Dimwit motivation to grab the remote and change the channel... which may be the best solution anyways...

Alright, so the Dimwit is a bit sour this morning... he stayed up late to watch the Rockets knock the Blazers out of the playoffs. Which was great because we did it without T-Mac, who is a big baby and egomaniac anyways.

Enough... The Dimwit is off to find a large cup of java... or at least another Dr Pepper... or some amphetamines... :-D

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