Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick Update...

Ok, so the Dimwit has been relatively quiet this week... work, work, work...

So, how about the Rockets sticking it to the Lakers? One more game this weekend for all the marbles... The Dimwit will admit that he thought that the series was over once Yao went down with another broken foot. Seriously, get this guy some calcium supplements. His bones are more brittle than the Dimwit's 91 year old grandmother. So, with the series now pushed to a 7th game, winner take all, there is excitement in the air. Can they do it? Can they knock the Fakers from their self-appointed throne? ESPN, FOX, et al of course say that the Fakers are going to run away with game 7, because they are the Fakers. Sure, home-court advantage could be pivotal, heck with Jack Nicholas and all the other Hollywood bandwagon fans on board, sure there will be excitement in the arena. OR, what the Dimwit hopes for, there are some many rich celebrity types wanting to see the game that it leaves an arena devoid of any real fandom, leaving it quiet and less menacing if the Rockets start off as hot as they did in Game 4 and 6.

Ok, enough about basketball, because really, sports coverage is not what you people stop by here for. Here's the info that freaked the Dimwit out today... Gwen Stefani, YES, THE GWEN STEFANI will be 40 this year!!!!! The Dimwit admits that it is just another sign that he is getting old, but it seems like just yesterday that No Doubt hit the scene with Spiderweb... geez, next think you know someone's going to tell me that Tom Hanks is in his 50's... ack!

On a side note, isn't it about time we get Tom in another comedy... what's up with that? At what point did he stop looking at comedic scripts and say "Give me serious, Oscar-nominating roles or give me death!"? Tom, please... come back from the dark side... Make us laugh again! "ARE YOU CRYING? CRYING? ARE YOU... CRYING? THERE'S NO CRYING! THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!"


  1. It's not nice to tease us with GWEN STAFANI links and then send us to a "FORBIDDEN server." What kind of 40 year old porn are you downloading?

  2. FIXED! It worked at work... yet didn't work from home... that's kind of scary...