Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Morning... can't get excited...

What a wonderful weekend, right? The Dimwit helped get his brother moved into his new house, and then spent a lazy Sunday with the Hotwit. We also went and had dinner with the family for Mother's Day. (EDIT: Per the Hotwit, it wasn't a lazy Sunday because she cleaned the apartment while the Dimwit watched basketball.)

We watched a couple of episodes of Six Feet Under... went to Target and bought the first two seasons of Dexter. The Dimwit has to get caught up on the first three seasons, as the 4th seasons starts in the fall.

But the highlight of the day yesterday was the Houston Rockets PHENOMENAL performance against the L.A. Fakers/Lakers... 34 points from Brooks??? 23 from Battier??? If you told the Dimwit that Artest would only score 8 points, and the Rockets would win sans Yao... well, the Dimwit would have just laughed at you... GO ROCKETS!!! BEAT L.A.!!!!

Not much to report... same old stuff, different day... Monday's suck, but what's new?

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