Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday... better than Monday I guess...

So it's Tuesday and the Dimwit has been bogged down in this project at work for a couple weeks now and the only good news is that it will be done on Friday. But then again he already has a new project to start on Monday, so no rest for the weary...

So the Hotwit and Dimwit headed out to Brazos Bend State Park this past Friday (as they both had the day off from work!) and got to see some gators up close and personal... like within 10 feet... unfortunately (or fortunately maybe) the Hotwit would not go along with the Dimwit's idea of pulling a tail and then running away. Somehow she thought this would be dangerous... so we just took pictures. Which you are being teased with because the Dimwit is at work and has no ability to access or upload said pictures... but they are pretty awesome pictures!!!!

But the best part was their attempt to A) Read the trail map and B) Follow said map. There was a trail that supposedly went along "the southern edge of the park" but upon walking about half a mile down what they THOUGHT was a trail, they found themselves at the meeting point of two perpendicular fences. So they did what any of you would do, right? They jumped the fence. And quickly found themselves in a residential neighborhood. Not good. So, with the aide of the Hotwit's telephone GPS map, they were able to determine where-ish they were and looped back towards the park. Another fence. So, they jump this one as well. After a short walk through some forest area vaguely reminiscent of the movie Deliverance... they re-entered park territory and found their way back to the car. Needless to say after going a mile out of the way, the Dimwit was grateful for some air conditioning and a seat in the car.

Lesson learned? Don't try to read the map. Don't even pick up a map. Just follow the other people in the park.

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