Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday - Hump Day... The Dimwit Won't Go For The Obvious Joke Here...

Howdy... the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo got started last night. Rascal Flatts... the Dimwit was NOT in attendance, as he detests "modern" country, which is like metrosexual Hip-Hop with steel guitars. Blech. There aren't many artists he wishes to see this year, and of the three he'd like to see, two of them are on Monday nights and the Dimwit has his sand volleyball league on Monday nights, so that's a no go.

So, instead of the rodeo, the Dimwit settled in for another night of American Idol. Yes, he admits he's strangely addicted to this show. This year however, is a MAJOR disappointment. Last night was another long night of crappy performances by out of tune, wrong-song-selecting morons. The only redeeming performance was the last one, from Lil Rounds. Although the Dimwit rejects her entirely simply because her parents named her "Lil". Enough is enough people... Stop just picking words at random and deciding it makes a good name. Adjectives are not proper names. If this continues, the Dimwit will be forced to name his first child Stinky McFart Dimwit. This combines both the trend of using adjectives as names and slapping "Mc" infront of words to describe someone (thank you Grey's Anatomy for your contribution to pop culture, now stop).

The Dimwit's ability to find linkage at his place of employment has been dramatically reduced, thus the linkage has dropped off in quality and quantity. However, this should not keep you loyal readers away, as it means the Dimwit is going to have to come up with actual bloggage content...

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