Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday - Feelin' Better... and Worse...

So the Dimwit has been a bit under the weather... but he is encouraged as he is feeling better today. He only worked a half-day yesterday, slept the rest. Stupid cold/allergies.

However, the Dimwit has nothing to complain about. Recently, he has gained a new member of the Dimwit Brigade, and the Dimwit formally recognizes this because, after reading his blog, the Dimwit gained a deep level of respect for a man he will, in all reality, probably never meet. Corticowhat, the Dimwit plans on following along with you for as long as you keep blogging. For my fellow readers, take some time and catch up on his blog. His bravery is inspiring, as is his brutal honesty about his condition and lengths he will go to for his family. Not a lot of people would have the cojones to face life the same way. Thank you sir.

On another note, the Dimwit went to a Flogging Molly concert this past Friday. While the Dimwit thoroughly enjoyed the Flogging Molly Celtic Punk ROCKAGE... the opening band has garnered a fair amount of praise... The Mighty Stef... check out this guy and his Dublin-based band. Great stuff...

The Dimwit doesn't have any linkage for you today. Regarding yesterday's video... wow, talk about seeing a real presentation on the effect our culture (world-wide) is having on this Earth. The Dimwit doesn't plan on being a father, so he won't be "saving the world for his children's children's children's etc. etc... but this does get his attention. Something needs to be done... we aren't just disposing of plastic food trays by throwing it in the trash... we're throwing away our oceans, rivers, streams, fish, animals and nature. Who wants to go kayaking or river-floating through old plastic bottles and bottle caps? What's the solution? No clue. Maybe there isn't one at this point.

The Dimwit signs off now... have a good day!

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  1. Thanks for the props! Your self-effacing humor often gives me a lift. Please keep it up.