Friday, March 6, 2009


And he doesn't mean anything about the restaurant! It's FRIDAY!!!! YAY!!!!

Ok, enough joy and happiness, it's oppressing when overdone.

So, anyone surprised with American Idol last night? The Dimwit saw it coming... but thank the Lord above that they did not send Tatiana "Crazy As Hell" Del Toro into the finals. The Dimwit wanted to shoot lasers at her until her face exploded. She'll get a reality show gig out of this, the Dimwit regretfully predicts. Some Hollywood schulb will think "I can get huge ratings by just following this crazy loon around with a camera." And what the hell was up with her changing accents?!?!?! That girl needs a lobotomy, if there is anything left up there. The Dimwit had told his girlfriend (yea, he has one, and she is H-O-T) that if Tatiana made the top 12/13 that he would stop watching AI for the rest of the season... she instantly became a Tatiana fan... whatever, she's made him start watching Jon & Kate Plus 8... way worse than AI...

Other than that, the Dimwit wasn't really surprised with any of the judges choices. He still thinks Danny Gokey is going to win it all. He's got the best voice, personality and most talent of the entire group. Unless he does something stupid along the lines of forgetting lyrics or singing some Celine Dion crap, he should coast to the title.

Wow, the Dimwit is embarassed to have committed that many words in a blog to American Idol. He can't help it, he's addicted.

Speaking of addictions... The Mighty Stef dropped their new album today... BUY IT! It is AWESOME! 100 Midnights! AWESOME... The Dimwit puts his reputation on this... if you don't like it, well you can lower your opinion of the Dimwit... so yea, if you don't like it then he'll be down there between "Pond Scum" and "Tatiana Del Toro"...

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