Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning Musings...

Good morning to all who made it through another weekend... for those of you still hungover this glorious Monday morning, well the Dimwit wishes you the best for getting through the day.

Ok, enough of shooting sunshine up your... well, nevermind... yes, as you can tell The Dimwit has sold out to the corporate world, there are now ads on the blog. However he hopes that he has placed them in such a way that they don't limit your ability to enjoy the bloggage.

This weekend was nice. The Hotwit and the Dimwit went to see Les Miserables at the Hobby Center in downtown Houston. Bravo! Great show, The Dimwit has seen in many times and enjoyed it once again.

Saturday morning we went to the Bayou City Art Festival and saw some pretty awesome art. We really liked that guy's stuff. Very cool. Saturday afternoon we headed out to Armand Bayou Nature Center for some photography and mischief. Apparently the back trails were closed, but we went walking around there anyway and were rewarded with a great view.

Sunday was just totaly bum-age. Sat around the apartment as The Dimwit completed Defensive Driving and the Hotwit cleaned the apartment. The only thing missing was a beer but he figured that drinking a beer while doing Defensive Driving probably wouldn't be a great idea...

Have a good Monday and stuff!

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