Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday... It's been a while...

Alright, so once again the Dimwit has failed to live up to the title of his own blog... but you know what? Tough. Deal with it... Life sucks, and if you rely on the Dimwit's daily dose of love, links and laziness then well maybe you need to reconsider your priorities and stop heaping expectations on the guy. Ok ok ok... he'll settle down now and get you all prepared for some linkage... no promises, no grand amazing links to blow your mind, but linkage nonetheless... linkage you've missed... admit it! Not another word until you admit you missed it...

Ok... that wasn't that hard was it????

1) FOr those offended by offensive language, don't click this link. For those of you who don't mind a certain 4-letter word being bandied about... well, here you go... NPH!!!
2) The joy springs forth from the Dimwit's heart at the site of Tresling.
3) A very important topic in these troubling times.
4) Hahahahaha... even if you don't like Mel, this is funny.
5) Maybe the best Halloween costume ever.
6) Nom-nom-nom on some ghosts!
7) It just doesn't get any cooler than this. Seriously.... no no, seriously.
8) Darth Vader... usin' his skillz...
9) And finally, for my female readers... a product you all probably would appreciate... maybe... the Dimwit has no clue whether this would be advantageous or not, he just thinks it's goofy looking enough for you all to think you have to have one and start pillow fights over who gets the last one on the shelf... *WHOA* snap back to reality... ok, anyways... there you go...

The latest installment of your linkage is done now. You might get some more on Monday, but don't oppress him with your expectations or you will get NOTHING!

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