Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning

The Dimwit is following some advice: Nothing nice to say? Say nothing at all.

Linkage... get motivated:
1) Parenting 101
2) Rancors come out of no where sometimes, you know?!?!
3) Could bacon find a way to be more awesome? Yes, yes it can.
4) Gotta love the Canadians...
5) Definitely a viable terrorist threat if ever there was one...
6) The Dimwit isn't sure this can be proven with scripture, but stranger things have been, so he'll leave it up for discussion... haha...
7) Who said date-stamping was only for food????
8) The French Army just doesn't get it...
9) Watch out... these guys have been let out of the looney bin...

Have a good day everyone.

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