Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday... sweet release...

The Dimwit is not feeling the whole "blog" thing today. Not only because there's not really much to talk about, but well he's just SO excited about going to go see FANBOYS tonight at the Angelika Film Center that he can't hardly sit still.

Time for another shameless plug, this time for the Angelika. This is the Dimwit's favorite movie theater, for several reasons. First, because it is in the middle of downtown Houston and anytime the Dimwit gets to walk the streets of downtown, well he loves it. Second, it's VERY clean, they maintain the place and if he's spending $9.50 to go to the movie, he wants some ambiance and a clean seat to sit in. Finally, it is non-thug infested and generally lacks the "mommy and daddy couldn't find a babysitter" factor. Nothing against thugs (or moms and dads), he is sure they live a great life and contribute to society in a wonderful manner... however the Dimwit doesn't not appreciate their attendance at the movies, as they are generally a distraction.

Alright, there, he threw in some links. Yes, this was an extremely lazy post, but it is what it is so get over it. Wow, he's feisty today...

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