Thursday, February 5, 2009

American Idol = Suckfest 2009

We all knew it was coming, now here it is... The Dimwit has admitted to following American Idol in previous blogs, and up until this point he has remained quiet regarding its potential for 2009. He will be silent no more, the talent pool is dried up. After watching the "Group Auditions" last night, it is evident that anyone who could make their high school choir could make this show's "Hollywood Week". There really is only one or two of these buffoons that have any talent. So it is most probable that we'll end up with some idiot being showered with confetti in a few months time, and that we'll never hear from them again, a la Taylor Hicks.

American Idol, take a break, even if it is just an extra half-year between seasons, let the talent pool deepen a bit. Unless you all are holding back on showing some REAL talent, this season may be your worst ever.

Alright, on to better things... like linkage...

1) Star Wars + Cops = Amazing.
2) Stuff like this freaks the Dimwit out.... certainly there is a rational explanation to this bit of tomfoolery...
3) Dimwit approved footwear... good job Wolverine, good job.
4) Speaking of being freaked out.... it starts with Pong, it ends with world domination... the robots WILL get us all...
5) Buy the Dimwit one of these and he'll love you forever...
6) Stereotypical, we know, but a combo of the two worst kind of drivers... any doubt why she's on attempt #772?

For those of you in the Houston area, Joel McHale is coming to Houston on the 15th! The host of E! Channel's The Soup, this guy is freakin' hilarious. The Dimwit already has his VIP Box Seats reserved, better hurry and get your tickets now!!!!!

Alright, done with that shameless plug....

*The Dimwit is in no way affiliated with Joel McHale, the E! Channel or Verizon Wireless Theater... although if any of you want to start paying him, he'll totally affiliate with you. ish...*

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