Thursday, January 15, 2009

Warning - Political Commentary To Follow...

So the Dimwit generally, as a rule, stays away from such topics as politics, abortion, gay rights and ridiculous news stories that drive him bonkers. However, there is a current political news article on that is driving him bonkers and he really feels the need to discuss it in an open forum where he can delete the comments of any detractors.

Here's the story.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Ok, let us discuss. First of all, the beloved ESPN has really become a thorn in the Dimwit's side as of late. It has become a media monster which really does more to CREATE news out of nothing rather than do any real reporting. Between the "Boo-ya's" and the "Ed Warder reports some ridiculous crap from Cowboy's camp..." they rarely throw in actual news from the sports world. Those that know the Dimwit well would be shocked to find out that he no longer watches SportsCenter in the mornings. He just can't stand it anymore, very sad.

The Dimwit is fully aware that this is a "historic" election/inauguration, but it is his firm belief that it has absoultely NOTHING to do with sports. Really, there are going to be approximately 752 trillion TV stations with cameras at this thing. Does this country really need Jeremy Schaap doing sideline reporting during this? Sorry ESPN, this is a bad move. It is another over-estimation of your own worth to society.

The sad part is that there are people who will switch over to ESPN to watch it there, simply because it's on ESPN. As for the Dimwit, he'll be at work faithfully punching out another blog on Tuesday, unaware and not really caring about what is going on in Washington D.C. or at the Bristol studios of ESPN.

If only we could now sacrifice ESPN on the alter of gay rights and abortion, this blog would be complete.

If this blog pisses you off, get over it and come back tomorrow for great linkage! OMG, the funniest Star Wars related video ever made... hahahaahaha...

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