Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday... the sweetest day of the week... TRIVIA DAY!!!

Alright, the Dimwit is motivated and pumped for today! It is Thursday, which means it's the last day of the week for him. Tomorrow will involve sleeping in and gorging on leftovers in the fridge. However tonight, the Dimwit will be going out to the movies with an old friend who he recently ran into again, and is very glad he did! Slumdog Millionaire is the selection and he will of course provide a full review of its legitamacy as an award winning film either tomorrow or Monday.

Well, here's something different for linkage today... the linkage will be clues to the trivia solution...

1) The Dimwit thinks Photoshop was used to manipulate this one.
2) This guy looks WAY too calm holding this thing.
3) She is all yours Kev.
4) Wow, this is a total photoshop... scary... distrubing...
5) The Dimwit hates cats, espcially cute flying ones.
6) The economy has been rough on everyone, even for Ronald.
7) There aren't words enough in the English vocabulary to justify/describe this.
8) Mmm... mac and cheese...
9) Ummm... ok...
10) Fruity. WTH is this thing?

Alright, these were the top ten images returned from a search. The Trivia question is: What one word did the Dimwit search? Once again, email your answers to The first person to answer correctly will recieve a free beer on him at the next outing... or if you're in another state, city, country, whatever... include your mailing address and you'll recieve a $5 bill courtesy of the Dimwit. He'll even pay postage!

Have a great Thursday everyone!

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