Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday... oh how you tease...

The Dimwit had nearly made it through the week unscathed. Then he checked his email this morning and there sat an omen of great peril. "Please meet with your boss Thursday at 1:45pm to discuss your job status." Stupid Outlook meeting requests.... grrr.... So, The Dimwit may very well be getting ready to ship off to some foreign land. Which would put this blog in great peril... depending on if he gets shipped to a third world country with little internet access or he gets lucky and ends up in Singapore. Anyways, more updates to come, but cross your fingers for him today.

We have a winner of the little trivia contest from yesterday... Jill was the first emailer... she said that it wasn't necessary to mention her name here, but really, you all would feel cheated if you didn't know who won, right?!?!? *crickets*.... ok, onward... what you all come here for.... LINKAGE!!!!

1) There are so many ways this story is unintentionally hilarious. Be it that it happened to a Frenchman, it involved a poodle, or that it involved "clinical depression" in someone other than said Frenchman. The French can't even fight back against poodles, why did we ever expect them to fight terrorism??????
2) Ri-gosh-darn-diculous. Wow, even a moment of silence is unconsitutional now? Really, is breathing next?
3) Sweet Monopoly set... if you have anywhere from $4,290-$7570 to spend... do they accept payment in Monopoly money????
4) Classic Art.
5) Anyone else ready for Street Fighter IV?!?!?!?!
6) Pucker up ladies!!!

Thursday is such a tease. Come on Friday, get here already!!!!! Have a good day everyone!

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