Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Over-exposure and Lofty Expectations


Hey, did anyone else notice that today was Inauguration Day???? Whew, it's a good thing the Dimwit did some digging and figured out that today was THE day we'd all get our new dictator.... err... president. The Dimwit doesn't know why media outlets aren't covering this. At all. Can't find a lick of coverage, no matter what channel he watches.

If you can't read the above paragraph without understanding the sarcasm dripping from each word, you need to go back to remedial classes in Sarcasm 101, It's a Freakin' Joke 101 and Deal With It 101.

Really, this whole schtick in D.C. is going to leave this country with expectations so far up the wazoo... Ok, yay, we elected an African-American to president... ok, yay, it's not Bush anymore... ok, yay, there are a bunch of "changes" coming...

And the Dimwit argues that we all should be careful what we ask for. The Dimwit would be saying the same thing had the Elephants won, but we're stuck with the Jackasses and the way this country is reacting, the Dimwit must admit he's a bit scared. It seems a little "fanatic"-ish rather than patriotic. Obsession is not always a good thing and there are too many factions getting obsessed, thinking the Obama-nator is going to back their cause specifically and be their hero. Sorry to tell you this people, he still has lines he has to walk and until he ousts Congress and the Supreme Court in a military coup to set up his authoritarian rule, there are still check and balances.

For those of you who are friends of the Dimwit and who disagree with him, he totally understands and respects your right to have your own opinion. He certainly doesn't think any more or less of any of you based on whether you agree or disagree with his stance.

Here's hoping the next 4 years are better than the last... and that the GOP can find someone who isn't an octogenarian to make a run in 2012. Of course, if the military coup hasn't happened yet...
1/20/09 - The beginning of the Socialist States of America.

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