Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Madness

The Dimwit is awake, that's all the madness we need. Fun weekend, great time in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex... only one small problem: the freeways in that place were designed by a teams of crack addicts, unmedicated A.D.D. patients, drunks and hooligans. Add in the fact that DFW-ites drive like utter idiots, and you have the perfect recipe for Dimwit disaster. His GPS unit started cussing at him. Exit warnings at the last minute, Left Exits at the last minute thus sending the Dimwit crossing 4 lanes of traffic in 1/10th of a mile at 70mph, every road having a three digit number, and then those numbers not corresponding to any sense of logic. Seriously, DFW you really need to come up with a better system.

The Zip Line Team Building Scavenger Hunt Obstacle Course Challenge was awesome... He really wanted to use the term Synergy in there as well, but it just didn't fit. His team lost, but not out of any result of his own effort or lack thereof, Kevin and the Dimwit were two of the more active members of his team, our team just lacked a fundamental basis in communication. Too many chiefs and not enough indians. At one point, the Dimwit just shut up and listed as 14 people yelled at each other about how to accomplish the same task, kinda entertaining as a matter of fact.

There were other aspects of the weekend that were just abolutely fun and hysterical, but the Dimwit will just take joy in those within his own head. He and Kev headed out to various parts of Dallas after the Zip Line, including grabbing a burger at Snuffers... and OMG the cheese fries were amazing, heavenly... and artery clogging, which made them even better.

Well, enough ramblings about a weekend in the past... on to the linkage...

1) Storm Trooper Guilt is the number one cause of Vader-assisted suicide in that galaxy far far away... if you know a Storm Trooper in trouble, please call 1-800-HELP-A-ST.
2) Pretty cool, for you art and photography buffs out there...
3) BOOBIES. <---- No worries, this link is SAFE for work.
4) Cool wallets always get a shout out in this blog.
5) Wow, common sense and technology finally come together!
6) SHAMWOW! This infommercial sucks the Dimwit in EVERY time.

Have a great Monday!

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