Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hump Day!!!

For the Dimwit's loyal readers, get your collective minds out of the gutter, espescially you Kev. It's Wednesday, which only means one thing, it's almost Thursday and since the Dimwit is off this Friday, that makes Wednesday even more awesomer.

What is there to talk about today? Really, it's been a slow week. He did find out this morning that there is a rising chance that he could be sent to Saudi Arabia soon, for what duration, who knows. But no worries, there will be internet access, you will still get your regular-ish postings.

Well, since there aren't any pressing issues on his brain today, here's your linkage:

1) Alright, if this becomes a reality show, the Dimwit is totally watching.
2) Freakin' sweet!
3) OCC has nothing on these guys...
4) This is how you get some serious work done.
5) Proof cats are evil.
6) Hahahahaha!
7) Gift Idea for the Dimwit.
8) For the love Japan, stop the madness. Blowfish testicles? Really? Delicacy = stupidity.
9) Now this is a delicacy the Dimwit could grab a spoon and NOM NOM NOM on for a while...

Have a great day everyone!

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