Monday, January 19, 2009

Could Monday suck any worse?

The Dimwit has long stood in firm belief that Monday is evil. Don't know when this happened, but somewhere in the course of time, it became unadulterated evil. Going along with your weekend, everything is just great, then BAM! Monday strikes and you realize you have to go back to the energy sucking, fluorescent light bombarding, bad coffee serving cubicle jungle.

Bah... on to some linkage!!!

1) Funny parody video.
2) Beer Flow Charts. Really, what is there in life that cannot be explained using a flow chart???
3) Awesome.
4) Has anyone else been sucked into the info-mercial for these? The Dimwit just doesn't see why "Made in Germany" is such a big part of the marketing campaign. There have been a lot of things made in Germany that have sucked. Like the East Germany women's powerlifting team from the 1984 Summer Olympics.

On that note, The Dimwit is going to get to work. One of these days he may get an office where he can actually see a window. How sad is it that this is a goal?

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