Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Being killed is pretty final, wouldn't you say?"

The first person to email the Dimwit and tell him what movie the title of this blog is quoted from as well as who said it, he will either buy you a "frosty adult beverage" in person (if you are in the Houston area), or mail you $5.00 so you can go get you one on him. Email your responses to

The Dimwit will judge the first response based on gmail's timestamp. The winner will be announced in tomorrow's blog as well as by e-mail, unless he actually does have no readers and he has to keep the frosty adult beverage to himself.

We all know what you're thinking? What? Why? Well, here's the deal. The Dimwit wants to increase viewership. So he figures if he buys a drink for a friend once a week, it will force people to come back here from time to time and hear what he has to say! So yes, he will be doing this once a week. Get used to it, but don't expect it to always be on Wednesday or for it to be posted at any specific time during the day. He may just wake up at 2am to post a question...

So, onto the magnanimous job of providing linkage to the masses:
1) Nerd.
2) Want to see the progression of the world for the last 650 million years and on into the future? Simulated of course.
3) Need a place to put down your wine bottle while sailing on your yacht? Only $6500.00.
4) Hey Kev, you busy Sunday? This here's a project worth taking note of...
5) Geek.
6) This is awesome... just install a toilet and mini-fridge, and one may never need to actually stand up any more...

Later peeps.

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