Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday... fully ready to give thanks... and over-induldge...

Good golly I am in pain. I did this crazy thing called "Zumba" last night. Let me tell you, if you want a cardio work out mixed with a little bit of Satan, go to Zumba. For all you aerobic work out freeks, this is the class for you.

After Zumba, we did another first for the Dim Wit: Sushi. I know, I know, it goes against the very fiber of my being but I decided it was time I gave it a shot. So, I ordered the "Albacore with Fried Onion" which caught my eye mainly because I knew Albacore was tuna and I like tuna, plus in the description it said it was "seared" which, to my knowledge, equated to cooked. Not only was I wrong, but it came out cold with the fried onions being at slighly-above-room-temperature. It wasn't bad, I ate it without any problems in my normal fashion. Additionally, I tried something else I liked, flavored Saki. I had never had Saki before, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Then Nadia, who I considered a good friend up until this moment, offered me a piece of her "catepillar roll". It had avacado, which I love, and some eel. I figured I only live once so what-the-hell. I was wrong in such reasoning. It was like chewing on a big ball of snot. I choked it down, only gagging on it once. For some reason, I was still feeling adventurous. Stop now and cut my losses? Hogwash! Nadia offered me another piece in an attempt to save our friendship. This time it was something called tempura, she said it was fried something-or-other and I figured since it wasn't eel and it WAS fried there was no way it would be another snot ball. So I dipped it in some soy sauce, closed my eyes and went for it. I was pleasantly surprised. It was good. So overall, I'd give my Sushi experience a solid B+, with the catepillar roll putting only a slight damper on the evening.

Alright alright alright, I know you people want your linkage... settle down because I do have some great stuff ready for you...

1) I dedicate this one to my buddy Kevin, the alcoholic slut that he is... you rock dude.
2) Ok, back in my day a good farting contest in class only grossed the girls out and got me a stern look from the teacher. What has this world come to?
3) It wouldn't be as funny if it weren't true! Haha!
4) ANYONE who wants to buy me one of these, go for it. And I don't limit it to one person, I have multiple rooms in my home. And girls, if you need an explanation for why guys are all over this, well feel free to leave me a note with your email, I can explain it all. But for those needing further research material, check this out.
5) I want to beat the living daylights out of whoever thought this was a good idea. It must be stopped. Cross-breeding cartoons is dangerous and should be criminally punishable.
6) Freakin' sweet. It mirrors my life almost perfectly.
7) Alright ladies, I will buy you one of these, but I demand it be used at least once a month to provide me pleasure. Get your minds out of the gutter people!
8) Are these ever necessary? No. Would they make great stocking stuffers? Hellz ya! Would they make work a little more interesting? Need I even ask the question...
9) And finally, for all of you who fell just short of your dreams...

Have a wonderful Turkey Day! I won't be blogging tomorrow, I will be too busy shoveling turkey and a wonderous assortment of Thanksgiving goodies down my throat. Then drifting off to Never Never Land as the tryptophan takes a hold of my mind, body and soul. Ahhh, gotta love this time of year.

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