Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh Friday, how I've missed you...

Well it's Friday morning and here I am at work. This just doesn't seem right. Luckily it's only 8 hours today. And who knows, I may take some PTO and leave a little early. It all depends on exactly how many people are in the office today. Usually Friday is pretty quiet.

So last night I went to the House of Blues for a "Houston Downtown Young Professionals" fund raiser for Hurricane Ike. My first question was why there were so many 50+ year old people at a "Young Professionals" get together. The second question was where exactly is all this money going that is being raised for Hurrican Ike victims... and how do I get my hands on some. I was a victim... ok, so my house is standing with an intact roof... and I only lost power for about 36 hours, but those were 36 very scary hours, have you been through my neighborhood?

Alright, enough of that... here's your linkage for the day...

1) An impressive milestone indeed.
2) Pretty sweet chair. I'd buy it if I were all kinds of rich and had money to waste.
3) Donkey Kong!
5) Just FYI.
6) Anyone else a Strongbad fan? Haha! He's awesome!

Have a happy Friday. Peace out.

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