Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Tuesday, but it may as well just be another Monday...

"Good morning" everyone... yes, the quotes are necessary, as I don't really mean "good", I really just am using it as a generic greeting... so yea, there you go... first of all check out my horoscope for the day:

"Let your sense of humor guide you through any sticky situations that might pop up, today. Celebrate the fact that you have a sharper wit than most people by using it every chance you get! With one quick quip, you will be able to get the upper hand without anyone even realizing you took it -- and this will enable you to win any argument without breaking a sweat. The key is to be flexible and patient. You'll have to wait for your perfect moment to strike."

So, don't mess with me today or I'll have to take the upper hand without you even realizing it... I'm very sneaky... Like a ninja crossed with a cobra and a Native American... don't test me... Oh nevermind, I'm too tired for this crap...

1) For all you Trekkies... I am not one... I think I misspelled Trekkies... who cares?
2) Check out what these people have done with their garages. I'm getting ideas, anyone wanna help transform my garage?
3) My garage would definitely have one of these.
4) Oh wow, just found the desk I'll use once I get my plush corner office.
5) Pretty sweet...
7) Seriously, people in Washington D.C. need to read this article. The sky is falling. Literally, and we're all about to die... but the banks will be saved!
8) Gotta love the bearded men and their beardedness.
9) I'm a fan of step 2.
10) NO FETA, OR I KILL YOU! Stupid customers...
11) Give me feedback, how do you like The Daily Dimwit?


So there you go, you got like a double dose of linkage for my unexpected absence yesterday from my blogging duties.

While I am here, I'd like to say that I resent the over simplification of explanations on issues that require greater depth of expression. I will not go into further detail, even if asked, so don't bother asking... as I'll only give you an over simplified explanation on an issue that probably requires greater depth of expression.

And yes, I live in a world filled with Catch-22's and double standards... it's life, deal with it. :-D

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