Friday, November 21, 2008

Freedom Friday.... b/c I'm not at work... yay!

Good morning/afternoon everyone... I have found my way out of bed and onto the interweb this bright and sunny day... even brighter and sunnier because I'm at my home computer and not anywhere near downtown.

You want linkage?!?!?! You can't handle the linkage!

1) Oh boy, these girls are in need of some serious therapy.
2) Wow, infomercial for the just plain dumb. The interweb is so "magical".
3) USB Man to the rescue!!!!
4) Some interesting art. For those of you who are artsy.
5) Not the most family friendly site, but this is a really good list of the best Will Farrell characters with clips of each one...

Alright, I'm out... have a good weekend!

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