Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday and Gin

Mmmm.... gin... and tonic... with a twist of lime... alright, alright... on with the blogging...

I ran across Revenge this morning for any of you who have problems with your neighbors. It's pretty cheap and may be pretty effective. You'll either a) get your point across or b) escalate matters beyond reason. But whatever makes you happy, right?

I am in TOTAL agreement with the title of this blog entry... I mean seriously, how and why did this occur?

A disturbing look at the similarities between two great actors' careers. This is not for the faint of heart... ok, I kid.


So I made it to work safely today, and by safely I mean I didn't go the wrong way down any one-way streets... we won't talk about doing 80 down the Westpark Tollway because I was running behind because I spent too much time watching funny videos on YouTube this morning... Ah, youtube how did we ever procrastinate without you???

I found a few other funny links, but the filter at work is totally being a buzzkill. So, those may have to wait until my Saturday blog... there's a tease for you... you're coming back on Saturday, aren't ya????


  1. Kermit is hawt...errr...I mean Christian Bale. I always get them confused :-D

  2. I get them's easy.

    Can I add him to that list we were talking about? Add, not sub.

    Christian, I mean.