Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning, Rain is Falling, Steal Some Covers, Share Some Skin

That's a Maroon 5 song for the title, for those who aren't familiar with their work.

Alright, my thoughts for today will be centered around football...

1) What a great day of college football, 3 of the top 5 teams in the nation fell yesterday. OU, Mizzou and LSU, thanks for your attempt this year, see you next year.
2) How about them Longhorns? They just kept punching and didn't give up when OU kept getting miracle plays and officiating help. They played a great game and if Colt McCoy isn't the leading Heisman candidate, then my name is Sam.
3) The Texans play the Dolphins today. I may not even watch the game. After last week, I throw up a little in my mouth each time I hear the word "Texans".
4) The Longhorns' schedule is tough, making it through undefeated will be a challenge. The next 3 weeks are a gauntlet: Mizzou, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. If they make it through undefeated, there shouldn't be any doubt about who the number one team in the nation is.
5) Bonus baseball tidbit: How about those Tampa Rays? They are putting up a fight against the Red Sox and I'm glad to see it. The Astros could learn some things from them in the area of player development.

Have a great Sunday!

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