Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday Monday... Can't Trust Those Days...

Well it's another "wonderful" Monday morning, as evidenced by the stack of paperwork that was waiting for me in my chair this morning. That's what I get after a four day weekend, a little piece of karma in my chair... well, here's something funny for you:

Hopefully this link works, if not then try here. The second in the series is the best... I got your wiggle room right here! hahahaha

These are cool, and they can be rented instead of bought. So if you have an extra $2,200 per month, go for it.

Let me take a moment to reflect on the weekend..... UT is now ranked #1... Awesome... Alright, so I ended up watching most of the Texans game, which I will say that I am impressed Kubiak/Schaub went gutsy on the 4th down with :07 seconds left. The QB draw was the perfect play call and it was obvious that the Dolphins never saw it coming. I wouldn't say I'm back on the bandwagon, it was one win over a team that went 1-15 last year. The next game wont mean much either, as it's against the lowly Lions. When we beat the Colts, Jags, Titans or any team that isn't re-building, I might just start believing in them again.

Alright, enough with my sports rant... have a great Monday, if you can manage that...

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  1. Is that what causes stacks of paperwork in chairs? I'm never taking a day off again.