Sunday, February 26, 2017

Additional Pick-Ups from the Weekend

So, the big "boom" cards aren't all I got over the weekend... I also grabbed set box of the 2014 USA Baseball with 9 guaranteed "hits". The base set is pretty "meh" but lets face it, no one is buying these sets for the base. With a checklist chock full of current and potential MLB'ers, you have a great chance of pulling some familiar names. And I did. Here's the first 8 hits...
The only one of these guys I recognized right off the bat was Thomas Eshelman (03/49), who the Astros drafted in the 2nd round, then dealt to Philly in the Ken Giles trade. That's one hell of a patch on the Cordell Dunn Jr. (17/25). The rest of these guys, I haven't taken the time to look up. The highlight of these hits to me are the "Game Ticket" signatures, they just look cool, are nice & thick and highlight the "Friendship Series" with Cuba in July of 2014. All of these are for trade/sell if anyone is interested.

But wait, that's only 8 hits right... well, here's #9:
I couldn't have asked for a better hit. Sorry it's a little blurry, I kept it in the mag case when I scanned it. This is my first and only Alex Bregman autograph and it's on card. And I pulled it myself, there's just something so much more satisfying and fun when you pull it yourself, right? This one is numbered 176/399, so not exactly rare/low numbered but I'm not complaining, it's Alex Bregman!

Final card for this post is a graded card that I picked up from the shop. I've been wanting to add more vintage graded stuff to the PC and for the price, I felt it was a fairly good pick up.
Classic Nolan! Love the old Angels logo on the cap too. I was a little surprised it was only a 6, as the corners are pretty sharp, it's slightly off-center but overall thought it was in pretty good shape. This card is 8 years older than me, I'm pretty happy with a 6 grade at EX-MT status. I haven't gotten many graded cards, mainly due to storage issues but I do hope to keep adding to the collection. Someday it'd be great to have all of Nolan's Topps base cards in a row and graded. I'll put that as a priority D item on my to-do list...

Next post, I'll delve into the other cards from the case of Prime Cuts. There are lots of good cards still to show from that case. That product has tons of good rookies and HOF'ers.

Final Whoa!

So this is the second 1/1 from the case. Sick patches and all but a player who is bouncing around the minors a bit. Reds or Mariners fans out there?

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Whoa #3

Wow, ok guys, so there's now three new posts... I guess I'm back. I promise nothing. But I've got the computer set up now where I may have a little easier access to post more regularly... we'll see how this goes.

So, obviously I've hit it big with this now 3rd awesome card and 1 more to show in the next post. Let me explain... the hotwit and I have been living in the barren wasteland known as the "Texas Panhandle" for almost 3 years now, after living in Mobile, AL for almost three years. Yea, I'll be here a while still, not sure how long, but a while. Recently, a friend from Mobile asked us to attend his organization's Mardi Gras Ball and parade. So last weekend we flew down to Mobile and had a blast. Part of the trip was an amazing trip to my old LCS down in Spanish Fort, AL - BigHit Sports Cards. If you are EVER in the area, you need to stop by, Nathan (the owner of the sports cards part of the business) is probably one of the best card shop owners alive. Great guy. If you have any doubts, go look up BigHit Sports Cards Breaks group on FB and watch the videos, he gets really excited over Big Hits for his customers.

Anywho, while we were there, he got a fresh case of 2016 Prime Cuts in. It started with "I'll just open a box." The top card on the first pack was the Gehrig. It got my blood pumping and next thing you know, I'm hitting the Griffey 3/3 (as well as tomorrow's 1/1) in box 3. With no book or cut auto hit yet, the hotwit urged me on to keep opening and finally hit this beauty in the final box. I have a bunch of cards from this case, if you want to see pictures of them all then head to my twitter feed (@thedimwit) to check them all out.

So, I'm back. I've been collecting all along, just haven't been posting anything here - but been pretty active on twitter.

I know there are some of you that I owe cards to (Dennis B, Jeroen B, I'm looking at you). I'm working on it. Getting a stack of already packaged cards out to the mailbox is my next big goal. I've got some work to do. If you feel I've stiffed you in any way, or have a trade I failed to mail on, e-mail me ( and I'll make it right, you may just have to remind me what we had going, I'm sure I'll have to dig up some old e-mails as well. Kindly let me know if your address has changed as well.

I've still kept all you bloggers' feeds in my RSS feed list, so I've kept up with y'all all along. Here's to hoping I'm better this time around and can keep finding the fun and join in it all.

As always, if you have Astros, let me know. I'm not so much set building any more as much as I'm just adding key cards to the PC - and of course ripping anything I can get my hands on!

Whoa #2

#ed 3/3

Friday, April 15, 2016

It's been a fun ride...

After much debate and struggle, I've decided it's the end. Not just for the blog, but for my collecting overall. A post by The Night Owl the other day helped me realize that I don't even get excited about the hits anymore, it's all a chore. 

The tracking, the spending, the time spent organizing, the posting, the mailing. It all just adds stress to my life that has become too full of other things. So it's time to shut it down and focus on those other things that are more important to me.

SuperTraders, you will all be getting a package from me in the near future. If you have sent me cards or not, you will be getting a package that I hope you all will enjoy. Anyone with a pending trade with me, email me and let's get it finalized. 

For those who have been faithful trading partners, thanks. For those who read this crap through the past few years, thanks even more! I hope the hobby continues to nurture new and excited collectors! Thanks to the friends I've made in this time and I'll still be reading your blogs, there are a bunch of great ones and I sure hope that for a small time you all thought I was at least one of the decent ones.

Sam aka The Dimwit  

Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Additions!

Mail days are great... Get stuff in from super traders, purchases and even from Topps.
The Spring comes from Super Trader Tony from Off Hiatus! He group broke a box of Donruss and I got this sweeeet Springer /99! Thanks Tony! The other is a ridonkulous redemption from Topps adding to my Altuve collection! /50 gold rainbow auto from Tek! 

Finally, a Wacky Package Chrome special art piece!
High art, it is not but a fun addition to my odd ball stuff!

Have a great Sunday!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Card show!

Went to the Colorado Springs monthly card show for the first time. If it's any indication, I spent $2 on one card. We were there maybe 20 minutes. Here it is though, a nice one for sure:
Sorry for the glare folks. 

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My First Super Trader Package

The one and only king of the Super Traders, Wes, from Jaybarkerfan's Junk started the Super Trader group by buying a box of cards and then shipping out a ton of cards! Well, got my package today and here are the highlights!

A nice Jordan Lyles mini relic that I definitely didn't own! Also, some great cards of Astros past and present. Love the "Major League Debut" of Luis Gonzalez... I mean, look at that kid... there's NO WAY he did anything but lift weights... right??? Right??? :-D

Here's my view on the "era"... so many guys were doing it, we can't hold it against anyone since baseball, the writers, other players and fans ALL turned a blind eye and just kept rooting for more homers. So let them in the HOF, Bonds... Clemens... McGuire... Sosa... they all have their place in history whether convicted or just accused. They made the game what it was. Much like Babe made the game despite not playing against the top talent of non-white players. Greenies and psychedelics ruled the 70's and 80's. So what, it was a game and we all were glued to our TV's excited to watch.

Ok, rant over... 

Sunday, February 14, 2016