Saturday, October 7, 2017

Trade Updates!

I am trying to get caught up a bit around the house here! I got some stuff scanned in, lets dig in!
 First up is my loot from a trade with Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders. I sent him some Tigers and he went out and found me some Astros! How about those Correa swatches!!!! Dennis also sent along some sweet vintage magazines with Astros and Nolan on the covers! Thanks Dennis!
Next I've got a trade with Tyler! He saw some cards on my trade bait page and sent me along this sweet manu-relic of Dallas and the Matt Duffy auto! Matt spent a lot of time in our minor league system but wasn't ever really able to break into the majors with us!
My buddy Brian, a Rangers fan and frequent collaborator on Team USA card collaborations (we need to do another case of Heroes & Legends!) sent me this awesome Cat Osterman autographed picture! Thanks Brian!
I picked up this Altuve on the cheap from a Facebook group, just to find out that I already had a copy... haha... so it's for trade!
Next up, a trade for this BEAUTIFUL Altuve autograph. I love picking these up now, as I have a feeling they are soon going to be priced much higher! This was another Facebook deal and was very happy with adding the Altuve to the books!
Next, we have a quick trade with Jeffrey, a frequent trade partner, where I was able to pick up this Conner Biggio auto!
Finally, a trade through Twitter for these SWEEEEEEEEET Bregman autographs! Was very happy to pick these two up! Hope you all have a great weekend!

If you want to trade, please let me know, I have plenty of trade bait and definitely looking to make some moves to add Astros to my collection!

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Trade Bait Updated

All, if you go to the main page of the blog, I've made some changes - I've added an area on the right hand side that lists all the trade bait pages! Also, I went through and added all the trade bait I have acquired in the past couple of days - over 85 cards!

EVERY page in the trade bait section (except the oddballs), has been updated with new cards. Please go take a look! There are HOF autos, graded cards, rookies, patches, 4-player relic card, HOF RC and more in there! Plus tons of TEAM USA additions including a Dansby Swanson auto, two different Blake Rutherford autos and a bunch of other guys who have either been drafted in the last two years or who will be drafted this next go around!

Thanks for stopping by. Each time I update the pages, I'll let you all know!

Trade Bait - Oddball, NFL & NBA Edition

I've decided to take this last bunch of Oddballs, NFL cards and NBA cards and make one post! So here we go:
 Plenty of A&G relics from last year of non-sport and non-baseball sports folks!
A mix of Space, Olympics and Star Wars!
 Olymipcs, rock climbing and full color variations from Americana!
 How about some dinosaurs and art?
 Football, I blame pack wars for these being in my collection at all!
 More football!
 I REALLY don't collect basketball, please, someone take these!   - UPDATE: OLYNYK relic is gone.
How about them relics?

Friday, September 1, 2017

Trade Bait - TEAM USA & College Edition

Wow, it wasn't until I started scanning them, that I realized how much I had... yikes!
 Couple of Carson Fulmers, one being a cracked ice!
That's a heck of a lot of TEAM USA cards! I'll let you go through and find names you recognize! Let me know what you're interested in and I'll let you know what they are numbered to if not visible!
UPDATE: Forrest Whitley staying in PC, NFT.
UPDATE: 9/3/17 - Added 7 more scans.

Thanks for stopping by! Two more Trade Bait Posts coming: ODDBALLS and NFL/NBA!

Trade Bait - Yankees Edition

Here we go folks! Three pages worth of Yankees hits up for grabs!
That triple relic is /9 and has some sweet patches! How about some Yogi???? I seem to have a gift for pulling Yankees Brian McCann cards, as you'll see.
UPDATE: BIRD is gone.
 A few nice autos and more McCann! How about some Maris jersey?!?!?!
UPDATE: Lindsay is gone.
Always represented well in A&G, lots of Yankee fabric here! And a Didi auto!

UPDATE: 9/3/17 - Added quad relic and Munson/Morgan relic!

Next up: TEAM USA (and you thought I had a lot of Yankees...)

Trade Bait - Twins & White Sox Edition

Well, we're winding our way down to the end of the alphabetical list of teams... here we are with the Twins and White Sox!

Yes, that's a Byung Ho Park 1/1 printing plate right next to a Miguel Sano autograph. Twins have some LEGIT hits in this trade bait, come on Twins collectors!

The final pre-Yankees team is the White Sox. Sorry guys, not looking real hot here: 
Current hot rookie Carson Fulmer, and former amazing pitcher Chris Sale.

 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Tim Anderson triple relic auto!

Alright, Yanks fans get ready, this next post is going to take a while! Haha!

Trade Bait - Royals & Tigers Edition

Wow, so I got ready last night to start blogging, and all the trade winds started blowing. And not baseball cards, actual baseball players. In some miracle, the Astros landed MR. KATE UPTON himself, Justin Verlander. Great move Astros! Can't wait for that first game he pitches for us. The team, and more so, this city has been through a lot, these three games this weekend against the Mets in Minute Maid, well, they should be amazing.

On to the trade bait - here are the Royals cards available:
Really, the Markakis/Butler could have gone to either team, but I needed another card for the Royals! Some nice autos there!

 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Bo Jackson graded card!

And here are the Tigers available:
Also, not scanned in are all the Daz Cameron Team USA autos that I now have... haha... Also not pictured is a Verlander/Cabrera dual rip card that was ripped on both sides.

 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Perry A&G relic and Ty Cobb graded card.

Have a great Friday everyone!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

An Amazing Mail Day

The other day, I was in a group draft break of 2016 Pantheon baseball at my online LCS (which also is my former Alabama brick and mortar LCS), and I got the first pick. The box had a redemption for a Ken Griffey Jr. autograph, bronze parallel so it would have been numbered to /10 or less. One of the guys who was watching, contacted me and before long we worked out a mega trade! I am VERY happy with the cards I received in return:
Wow, so where do i even start?!?!?! Biggio autographs #'ed out of /25, /5 and /20 are awesome enough on their own! Then you add in the Bregman auto #'ed /10! Those are 4 very low numbered autographs that definitely add some punch to my PC. The Altuve is numbered /150. And then there is that Nolan Ryan triple auto from Triple Threads. It's amazing on it's own but then you throw in Roy Halladay and King Felix! Wow. Always down for a Nolan Relic to add as well!

Steve, thanks for the deal if you read this.

Trade Bait posts will resume tomorrow... I'm going to have quite a time scanning in all the Yankees hits I've got!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Trade Bait - Rockies Edition

What? The Rockies get a post of their own? Yes, yes they do. As they have 9 hits just sitting here waiting for a trader!
You'd think with me living in Colorado for a while, I'd have found someone to trade/take these... but alas, no such luck!
I seem to pull a Rockie out of A&G ever year!

 UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Galarraga relic!

Trade Bait - Reds and Red Sox

Well, we're chugging right along, getting closer and closer to the end of the MLB teams... is there more beyond that? Maybe... maybe not... (of course there is)...

Here are the Reds:
 The David Holmberg is #'ed 100/100, the second Perez /25.
UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Peraza dual relic auto!

Certainly everyone has a Henry Owens auto by now right? lol...

UPDATE 9/3/17: Added Doerr relic.

Have a great Monday folks!